About Rona Go

Rona GoRona Go graduated with a major in Philosophy and took up her Masters in Theology. She tried law school for a while but had to quit when she had been barfing more of the legal terms than learning from them. She taught for a while but soon realized she enjoyed herself more as a computer geek, managing and designing websites.

She has been a thousand and one characters in her lifetime. And her story still continues. At the end of the day, she believes she is a storyteller and storywriter.

Her idea of a protagonist is one who is heroic and dark at the same time and her preference for a villain is your regular villain but with a heart.

What do you tell yourself and other authors?

“There are a million and one of us out there. However, we write because we believe the dream of being a writer is embedded deep within us by a source that can only be higher than us. We may encounter times when we don’t believe in ourselves anymore. But be prepared to be surprised…because the dream is bigger than us. So believe in your dreams. Create ripples beyond the bucket to the sea.”